Derrick Avery – “I Am Not A Pimp”

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  1. Jennell Lewis says:

    Snooky is a pimp who did things by force and abuse!!! I can bare wittness to that and testify against him if I have to because I was one of the girls who was with him years ago and I have a child with him!!

  2. Anonymous friend of victim says:

    I’m glad to see that at least on THIS site, there are so far, no comments glorifying this sick fuck. I am a close family friend of a 19 year old wonderful, beautiful, smart, and quite remarkable young woman. A woman whos murder has gone unsolved for 11 years now. The family’s torture and pain have been significant, with the father calling the detectives first thing in the morning, every morning, for years. Good news came not long ago, brought by cold case detectives, in the form of a name – Derrick Avery. As myself and the family read up online of the sick things this man has forced women to do, we were all more shocked than we’d ever imagined we’d be. I mean, when you loose a family member/friend in this fashion, you expect that when, if ever, you find out what happened to her , that the murderer is obviously a sicko and you’re not going to like what you hear – you but you dont expect anything like this. I read this info for the first time tonight, after having dinner with the victims’ family. I shook the whole way home and couldn’t speak. I have gotten it together now, a few hours later, and now all I want to do is speak!! First I would like to ask all of you other victims, as well as everyone and anyone with Fatih in the LORD, to take a second and pray for this family. Pray for the capture and conviction of this abuser, this MURDERER. And pray for the peace of the families of ALL his victims, alive or dead. I find it hard to believe that my friend was the only one murdered. I also would like to ask all who have information, to contact your local authorities, no matter how minor (or major!!) your information seems to be. You could be the key in giving these families, and these victims peace!!! Remember that you need not be scared of any person on earth, fear only the Lord, and if you do that, HE will protect you! Do not let this man (this PSYCHO) take ONE MORE PIECE OF YOUR LIFE or anyone elses for that matter! Please stand up, PLEASE SPEAK OUT! Thanks for listening! GOD BLESS YOU!

  3. bankroll says:

    thats bullshit ya”ll just want him in jail!!!!!!!! HOLD YA’LL HEAD “P”

  4. bankroll says:


  5. sandra says:

    i mean life is life if thats wat he want to do with his life dnt knock his p. you hear me do the man say’s he was pimp snooky as a character respect that.all i wanted to say was keep your head up in let god do the rest

  6. B. Honest says:

    Fuck Haters!!! The hypocrisy is almost laughable if the shit wasn’t so unjust. The government exploits the hell out of small fish to market genocide and degradation of minorities in this racist bitch all the time.

    For example Iran Contra Rick Ross went to jail while Oliver North got a T.V show on Fox. In this case it appears nobody gave a damn about the alleged prostitution of under aged girls while the FBI had him on the pay roll. The clandestine activity of law enforcement and federal agencies should be on trial.

    Mr. Avery may go to jail for life while special agent Dick Rider gets a medal for funding the alleged operation. The sad part is that its highly possible that Fed money is mixed up in this whole thing but that evidence will not see the light of day…Yeah its some pimping going on alright.

  7. Anonymous says:

    And what, the government ain’t pimpin the media ain’t pimpin the world pimps one another to eat and feed family etc.. Example no one said nothen when R Kelly married alliayah and she was just a babygirl.. What were her parents thinking? Money gettin paid! So why is it a issue when a individual has Pi attached as a conscious title? Game is a funny thang because when it’s time for the game to be played an you win it’s lovely, but now when you play and loose more than few punk the game and lie and snitch and fabricate the situation to suit themselves! One of the biggest culprits Nixon, Regan, The Bush family, CIA, FBI, The media, Radio, Hollywood.. You better look up the definition as to what define what a pimp is before being so quick to speak..

  8. Big Easy says:

    Gay ass Vice they tried to get me with that same shit. Knocking the bitch was just too easy and something in the back of my head was telling me that something was wrong but my dumb ass didn’t go with my instincts lol. Ha ha ha good thing I got a lawyer that’s so damn good. I just played the dumb role with the judge and said the bitch was so fine that i would have said anything to have sex with her. I told the judge that if the bitch loved astronauts i would have made up a story about me being astronaut lmao. Moral of the story is you got caught slippin like i did and if you want your freedom your going to have to pay for it. That little slip up cost me 15 stacks but it sounds like the DA is trying to build a strong case against you and those dumb ass videos aint helping out your image either. Niggas want to glamorize the game and be all out there and shit and expect not to get caught. Learn to lay low, knock bitches and stack bread. The dumbest thing you could have ever done was let the world know you on some pimpin shit.

  9. the pope says:

    Raise up off my boy!!! we have all been in some bad situations some worst than others, and to that triffling ass baby moma since you know him so well I how many hoes have he killed. Bitch please!! Looks like you got away alive.

  10. THAT BTCH says:


  11. I’m glad this guy is going to be locked up. Child molesting ass. This nigga will get fucked up in the can.

  12. A. REAL O.G says:


    LMAO! How you know all that? You sound like a DRY SNITCHIN SQUARE who ain’t never been in the game. Of course nobody gone openly advocate snitchin but letz make one muthafuckin thang clear. Aint NO HONOR in selling drugs pimping or none of that bullshit that ignorant muthafuckaz glorify.

    So when you squares write shit about a fallen street niggaz in the cross facing a 100 or 200 years its almost funny. Because you fake muthafuckaz who be talkin all that Costra Nostra bullshit would sing like Peabo muthafuckin Bryson just to get off community service. In reality hoe ass niggaz and MADE MEN alike really don’t know what they gone do when they actually in the cross facin a concrete coffin.

  13. SendThatHo says:


  14. y do people say i hope he go to jail, i hope the give him life, dam every body praying on his down fall…well it’s in the lords handz….an all u bitchs snitching on him, WAT PART OF THE GAME IS THAT…shit happenz, if u in the game u know how it go long nites, loney days, emotional situations,…but thats the game, step up or step down…

  15. beauty says:

    You Sound dumb because you knew what you were getting yourself into stupid hoe.

  16. emaNoN says:

    Damn, the judge just sentenced “pimp snooky” to 20 yearz in prison!! Thats it!! They should have gave his bitch ass LIFE! (IMHO)

  17. jon zoch says:

    I do believe that they are talking about my sister Jennifer. And all of these people that think it doesn’t matter can burn in hell! They have no idea what he took away from the world. And the pain and hatred that it causes me everyday. And for all you people like this bitch sendthatho can come and discuss this in person but I am sure you are to much of a pussy to do that you are just another nigger to me. Sorry for the outburst but anyone who thinks it’s OK is a bitch that can’t face the real world sorry have to go before I say something threatening I love my sister so much and miss her all the same.

  18. Poopoo says:

    Where’s Jackie. Rjr bburied here. Where. Get those white ass tricks that get off scot free

  19. the messenger says:

    I’ma start off by saying a real man and a real pimp don’t need to force anything! It comes natural to a player!! Derrick claim pimp snooky was a character he played. He’s right! He was never a pimp! He was a wanna be! That’s why he had to beat females and put great into then and let alone get them pregnant to control them! He deserves to die for the lives that was lost because of him! He’s also a sex offender! He fucked every girl he kidnapped and swindled into his trap. The youngest was 14 smh! My cousin was one of his girls years ago. When she tried to leave he put a gun to her son head who was only 2 at the time. She had three kid with him, who he never took care of. Two of them are in jail. Where they belong. No criminal gets mercy. I think the real problem was that he had a little DICK! So he had to beat the hoes cause his dick game and Mack game want tight enough. A real pimp don’t beat hoes! Maybe slap a bitch for disrespecting. But real Ps got bitches who willing to break they back and neck just to make him happy because she wants to. Because she loves him that muchtodo what ever he wants her to do. Not saying I agree with pimping at all. I just know derrick Avery is a coward

  20. Bigg Sixx says:

    All u hattin ass snitch niggas..& U.Fakin it 2 make it lame ass hoes needs 2 get up off my big bro!!! whatevea and howevea he did it it was finessful tha B sides the U.S Gov. Is full of traps and entrapment when one don’t sing and dance 2 they tune… Take a trip back in history when we as BLACK MEN & WOMEN WERE KIDNAPPED FROM OUR COUNTRY BOUGHT & SOLD 2 THE WHITE MAN 2 DO HIS BIDDING SO B 4 UR SO QUICK AND HAND OVA ANOTHER BLACK MAN 2 ONTO THE HANDS OF LADY INJUSTICE O SAY 2 U LOOK INTO THE REARVIEW MIRROR FROM WHICH U CAME…CHOICES NOT CONDEMNATION WE ALL HAVE 2 WITH THE DAEMONS WE’VE CREATED…LIVE & LET LIVE!!! LUV BIG BRO C U WHN U TOUCH!!!

  21. logic says:

    @Bigg Sixx
    We were sold by other Blacks, sound familiar? What about the Black man protecting the Black woman instead of exploiting her. I can’t believe how grown men continue to blame everyone else for the junk we’re doing to our community. I gots no love for a clown minstrel wearing orange gators.
    Be Real men and protect our women and children instead of glorifing clowns who exploit them…

  22. VictoriaSprings says:

    He deserves to be where he is.. No man should ever beat there women let alone burn them with cigarettes.. When I read this story it makes me sick to my stomach’ how can someone be so messed up in the head to do the things he did.. I hate pimps they are low life peace of shits’ specially this one (14yrs old) really that’s just sick and so low he should of got the death penalty’ I watched all his documentaries and they all show what a peace of shit he is.. I can’t believe there are still people on his side after knowing he a snitch been a snitch and he forces little kids to sale pussy.. Smh I am going to pray for all the victims he has made a victim and god will punish his ass even more’ just wait cause 20 years is not enough.. He is a dog a peace of shit he deserves to die’ or watch his MAMA get beat and raped


  23. Well im lost for hoping hes hasnt done these terrible things is this true???is he really a murdera

  24. Alise says:

    First of all it is a woman’s choice and the choices we have made and going to make in life i’m very sorry for your lost really and truly But I love me some snooky&bankroll and I’m not a hoe myself just been watching ken/Kenny red for yrs much love free snooky

  25. Justin says:

    That dude is pure Mack. Now I don’t agree necessarily with prostitution, but there are so many other factors involved with that topic. What I can appreciate from this guy is his ability to communicate to a woman and make her want to be with him.

  26. A Tremblant says:

    Snook be my pimp for 10 years and I be his bottom Hoe. The Hoes that got abused only got his abuse because they be trying to test him and get out of pocket. If a Ho test you she be trying to see if you a strong pimp. If a pimp don’t beat down a Hoe if she fall out of pocket, the Hoe won’t respect him and she be GONE to a pimp who strong enough to keep her in line. It’s all a part of the game. Snook Daddy was a GOOD STRONG pimp who teach his Hoes good habits and treat the good Hoes like Queens. It only the Hoes who try and be smart and fall out of pocket that get served. He gave me two beautiful girls who are on the track making LOTS of money because of the way Snook taught me to trick and I was able to teach my girls. He gonna be out though and he always be my Daddy!

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