Brotha Lynch Hung signs with Strange Music Records

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6 Responses

  1. Vergio Lovato says:

    Hell yea thats what iM saying boiiii

  2. Anonymous says:

    fuck yea

  3. a stoner says:

    a crip on some slob shit ant this some shit wut happend to gang banging

  4. Swerve says:

    That’s whats up keep it pushing playa I always was a big fan any way Let me speak my mind really I have a entertainment company and I want to book a show with lynch we are out of Salt Lake City UT and I see he is all the way booked through june but we are trying to put are bid in as well so if this land in the right eyes I would sure appreciate it if you contact me back either by this email or 801-381-4156 good looking.

  5. Swerve says:

    Really let tell you get ya money Blood I dont give a fuck what they talking about cause aint none of them going to break they just running they mouth talking that S word let you know how far they pockets reach out whoop whoop

  6. brotha lynch is the shit, my music is somewhat influenced by him, i’m workin on a track that inspired me after listening to his new album,song name(my description) i’ll have it up the 32nd on my myspace page click on my name n check it out

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