On da Come Up with Music Mystro

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13 Responses

  1. Techbeatz says:

    Been a fan of mystro for a sec… dude make some nice music… 09 should take em to the next level… stay on the grind my nigg

  2. Isreal says:

    Yo, this dude is one of the hottest DJ’s out. People need to hear more of his style. He bring something different to the game.

  3. G3MZ says:


  4. Arsenix says:

    real good piece, the dude Mystro is a beast for real. A real big inspiration to up and coming producers like myself.

  5. Skribe1 says:

    Nice beat fam

  6. Mystro ain’t backing down… so don’t be surprised if he conquers the scene in a mean way, hes been observing, listening and watching it’s time to show out!

  7. D-Trackz says:

    Good Shit Mystro Stay On The Grind

  8. darkangelzmuzik says:

    good shit mystro, track was hot

  9. HAZMAT says:

    Biggup to my homie mystro alwayz on his grind hard bringing you dat crack music. Feelin’ da vid also beat is hot, keep doin ur thing my dude..

  10. XcluZive says:

    You did ya thing on that beat bro.

  11. That’s what up…. They ain’t ready for you yet……….

  12. Mista says:

    This Kid Is Hot

  13. EVE says:


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