*New* Interview with D.M. and Big Pokey of the Screwed Up Click

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3 Responses

  1. C-WORLD says:

    I like everything you put out pokey and i just want to say we miss yall boy’s in Louisiana,a-Town to be exzac.keep yo head upand we gone always bang screw.

  2. iLL_aLLuni says:

    cool sh!t

  3. karen johnson says:

    hi pokey it been a long time sent I saw you ,me in my brothers in sisters grow up in south park,you no my brothers jeff in quincy frohm.i wood love to come to your zum barrel live but don’t have the money to come right now I lost every thing in my house from the stormy.if you can find it in your heart to send me to tickets ,I will cook you a big diner you every had…CALL ME AT 409-692-0077,OK POKEY,WITH LOVE ALWAYS.

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